Trillectro 2016 Playlist by Glo

Written and Playlist Curated by Glo_Ko

So, @Trillectro is coming up, and I’m excited. I’ve curated a playlist with a few songs from my favorite artists featured on this year’s lineup. I’ve made a main playlist on Apple Music with all the artists that I could find, and the remaining artists have been added to my “Trillectro: Underground” Soundcloud playlist, because those tracks from those respective artists are primarily found on on Soundcloud. Enjoy!


*Click the Trillectro Flyer Above for the Apple Music Playlist and Enjoy the Soundcloud Playlist Below!

See y’all Saturday! And if you see Your #FavoriteHippies, feel free to say hi and get a picture with us so you can be featured in our About page!

Trillectro 2016 Playlist by Glo

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