SZA Says Her Next Album May Be Her Last

In a recent interview with NME, SZA talks her CTRL album, anxiety, and making potential last album.

In October last year you tweeted, ‘I quit’. What brought you back?

“Well, I ended up putting my album out, and now I’m contracted for another album I think, so I’m at least gonna explore that and do that to the best of my ability, because you can’t half-ass s**t, you have to really invest your energy 100 per cent. So I’m excited to just take that as far as I can and I think I’m gonna focus on making my next album my best album, because I do believe that might be my last.”

Really? Why so?

“I need to grow and learn. I feel like music is something that is an amazing medium for me but I don’t know if I can really apply my purpose in the world quick enough, because I get lost. Four years went by and I didn’t even realise it until someone said, ‘Trayvon Martin died five years ago’. I remember I was in the studio writing for Beyoncé at the time, not focusing on what was going on.”

So what’s the plan for after the next album then?

“I just want to learn. I definitely want to get into environmental science and environmental politics, learning a lot more and preserving what’s left of the world. That’s such a sacred circle to be in. I’d love to contribute to that.”

You can read the interview in full HERE


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