Get Shiny and Healthy Looking Hair by Opting for Nanoplasty

If you have always dreamed of straight glossy hair, then it is finally time to make it come through with nanoplasty. No, this is not cosmetic surgery, but a hair restoration procedure that can straighten curls and frizz without causing damage to your hair.

Nanoplasty is Every Girls’ Best Friend Dealing with Hair Problems

Nanoplasty is another breakthrough in the hair restoration industry. If you plan on taking this treatment but have no clue what this is about, and then you might want to understand the process and then make the final decision.

Nanoplasty is a treatment given to straighten out curls or frizz without the use of any chemicals. It makes use of amino acids and collagen to penetrate the roots of your hair, thereby improving your hair health.

If you live in New South Wales and are looking for nanoplasty hair treatment then you can book an appointment with BKT Beauty located in Surry Hills, NSW Australia. They even offer at-home nanoplasty kits that allow you to take the treatment from home. All the products used in their kits are formaldehyde-free and made from vegan ingredients.

Now that you know what nanoplasty is all about, you might be interested in knowing how this treatment is done and how effective this is. When you go for your nanoplasty appointment, the stylist will wash your hair and spread out your strands. They will then apply the nanoplasty composition onto your hair, evenly distributing the solution, avoiding the roots.

The solution needs a specified amount of time to set as the composition needs to penetrate your hair cortex and then be washed thoroughly. The stylist will then dry your hair and use the ironing rod to straighten your curls.

The advantages of opting for this treatment are:

  • It can permanently straighten your hair
  • It is completely safe for pregnant women and kids
  • It protects against physical and thermal effects

The only downside would be that it would a bit on the costlier side and the procedure itself can take a lot of time.

How is Nanoplasty Different from Keratin Treatment?

Now you might be wondering that if nanoplasty is costly, would it be better to go in for keratin treatment as the main purpose after all is to straighten your hair. Well, nanoplasty is an alternative to keratin treatment, especially if your body is sensitive to chemicals or if you are pregnant or nursing.

Some of the basic differences between the two are:

  • Nanoplasty helps to heal your hair from the roots along with straightening
  • Keratin treatment only helps to straighten your hair
  • Nanoplasty does not make use of formaldehyde, but certain keratin treatments do
  • Nanoplasty is safe for pregnant women and kids, but not keratin treatment
  • Keratin treatment is cheap when compared to nanoplasty
  • Nanoplasty can be used on fine or thin hair provided it’s not damaged
  • Keratin treatment is effective for thick hair


You will be in love with your hair after your nanoplasty treatment. The best part is you need not have to worry about the hair care or styling products that you can use after the treatment.


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