3 Things To Bear In Mind When Buying Candle Jars

The scented candle is getting more popular in recent times. If you need to make scented candles, you can buy the candle bottle, tins, and jars to finish the project. The glass candle jars can withstand the flame heat. People who are interested in selling the candle can use the container. The jar allows you to deliver the candle safely to the customer. There are different kinds of candle tins and jars in the current marketplace. The followings are some things to remember when choosing the jar for the candle.

  1. Size of container 

While selecting the jar’s size, you should look into how long you need the candle. Remember that you do not need to fill the container to rims with the candle wax to make storage difficult. It is true if anyone is planning to sell the scented candle. They advise leaving additional space between the container brim and the top of the candle.

Ensure that it is enough to aid the wick burn carefully you light the candle up. The wick is short that would make it difficult to burn the scented candle entirely. The 9-ounce container can contain seven ounces of candles to provide the person an idea to aid them in making an estimation, and using a lid that takes space on the jar’s interior leaves enough space for the wick.

  1. Material

Material is an essential aspect to look out for when buying candle jars. It has to contain candles that go without saying that the container material can withstand heat. The metal jar cans are at risk to leaks that is not recommended. The glass jar is a perfect choice because of its sturdiness. The glass jar can withstand extreme heat.

For this reason, many people prefer glass containers for candles. It is the secure solution that would not be prone to leaks in the longer run. In addition, you can stay away from plastic material that doesn’t withstand extreme heat.

  1. Shape of jar 

Another feature to bear in mind when buying the jar is shape. It is worth considering that it helps you to create the good candle. It would be best if you thought of the jar’s practicality aside from the aesthetic appeal of excellent-shaped jars for candles. Many containers are longer; therefore, lighting up the candle at the jar bottom is difficult.

It is recommended to get the container with the large opening. So people can get the hand inside the jar while lighting up candles, which is already at the container’s bottom. If anyone plans to customize the candle tin with the label, you can choose one with the smooth surface. The container with the textured surface is difficult to put the label on.

These aspects help you to find the perfect shape, material, and size for the container. Online stores offer a variety of candle jars at a discount price. Buy the strong material which can withstand health without cracking that should not be flammable.


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