How to Sell Ringtones Online and Make Money

As a musician, finding alternative ways of making money can be a great way of generating extra income. One of them is selling your music online as ringtones. There are many people out there who use ringtones for different purposes. Some use them to be notified that someone is calling their phone, whereas others use it to make a statement. As a musician, you can take advantage of those end-users to ensure that they get the ringtones they want, whereas you get to make money out of it. If you’re going to sell your music online, this is a guide on how to get started.

Once you have your music ready, it is time to look for a marketplace to sell it to interested users. It is no secret that various websites offer these services. However, you have to be keen when choosing one. You can opt for an online retailer or a website. What are your options? Take a look:

  1. Create your own website

It means creating a website to sell ringtones online solely. It is a suitable method since it will ensure that you don’t pay any commission. However, it also needs maintenance.

  1. Music Download and Streaming Sites

Alternatively, use an already existing site to sell your ringtones instead. One thing about music download sites such as Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes is their popularity. Many people trust them hence the huge following. The same case applies to streaming platforms such as Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify. Once you upload your ringtones, the sites will handle the billing on your behalf.

  1. Using third-party Sites

These websites simplify uploading, sharing, and selling ringtones online. When it comes to using them, you can rest assured that it will be relatively easy. An excellent example is MusicDigi, and this is how to get started.

  • Create your account by signing up on MusicDigi
  • Once the account is ready, start uploading your ringtones to embark on distributing to various stores. Your options are quite many, including Pandora, Deezer, Google Play, Spotify, and Apple Music
  • Upon uploading the ringtones, you will start earning money from the sales

It is important to note that using search a site is better than creating your websites since maintaining it can be hard. It will often need customer support and update to ensure that the users have a great working experience. On the other hand, these sites take care of all that to ensure that you have an easy time.

When compared with using other sites, you get an easy time using a music distributorinstead. After all, it eliminates the need to create a million and one accounts. You don’t have to create accounts in every music download site or streaming platform you want to upload your ringtones to. On the contrary, one account is enough to upload all your music to more than 150 music online sites.


The above options will allow you to sell ringtones on iTunes and other similar platforms and make money in the process. Some are better than others hence the need to find other alternatives. So, choose the best and start generating more revenue from your music and ringtones.

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