Compelling Reasons To Install Anti-Fatigue Mats For Your New Business

Are you an entrepreneur kick-starting your business? Regardless of the number of employees you are hiring, your focus should be on providing an ergonomic work environment. The success of a business depends on many factors including marketing, planning, funding, etc. among which one overlooked aspect is employee well-being.

Need for an ergonomic work environment:

A healthy and happy employee can focus better and contributes greatly to the productivity of a company. The sedentary lifestyle of employees accounts for the rising number of several musculoskeletal problems which presses the need for a comfortable workstation. Spending hours sitting in the same place messes with concentration and causes obesity.

Many companies have adopted the standing while working approach since sitting for a long time is associated with more health problems. Though standing whilst working doesn’t eliminate the problem, standing desk encourages more movement and is found to be healthier. Hours of standing cause neck, back, shoulder, knee, joint pain, and fatigue.

Anti-fatigue mats to the rescue:

It is possible to cut down the stress on our lower body extremities using anti-fatigue mats. These mats reduce the time of static standing and indirectly trigger your legs to make subtle movements. If you are looking for good-quality anti-fatigue mats online, check out Ultimate Mats. Consider purchasing their best-selling logo mats which double up as a marketing tool.

They feature doormats by top brands that have a promising lifespan. Customize your mats with your business logo or some text relevant to your business to make them more visually appealing and to create a cozy atmosphere. The benefits of using anti-fatigue mats include:

  • Better health: Standing on a soft cushion surface cut down the stress placed on legs by 50%. Employees are at less risk of heart disease, joint pain, pregnancy problems, and varicose veins.
  • Less risk of accidental falls: Anti-fatigue mats have a soft top layer and their top layer has a textured surface to ensure the mat doesn’t move when we step on them which cuts down the risk of falls and trips.
  • Money-saver: Since these mats reduce the risk of health problems, employees won’t apply for work leave and paid absence often which in turn boosts productivity. Less risk of falls cuts down the amount spent on insurance claims.
  • Prevent workplace contamination: There are mats specific to different industries. Some are good at absorbing stains/ oil while some come with antibacterial properties.

How to select the right mat for your business?


  • Anti-static mats can be placed in front of high-static electronics
  • Interlocking mats for playgrounds and indoor gyms
  • Plastic grip mats for pools and locker rooms
  • Food-service mats for greasy environments

Talk to the customer support team on which might be better suited for you.


The right thickness determines the ‘comfortable’ factor. Hard floors like concrete, linoleum require thick mats while mats placed on softer surfaces like wood, carpets can be thin.


Though aesthetics may not be your top priority, installing colorful mats emit a radiant vibe and brighten the mood of employees and visitors. Design an aesthetically pleasing mat with the help of a mat manufacturer.

The importance of mats is often overlooked. Invest in good-quality mats for your business to provide a healthy work atmosphere and boost productivity.

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