Get Rid Of the Workplace Mess – Organize Your Office by Using These Shelving Systems

If your office is huge but is in a mess, then space is not the problem. The problem is that you haven’t utilized your space in the right way. Nobody can work in a messy office where files are laying here and there and things are hard to find. It is frustrating and irritating. This can also make your employees resign due to frustration.


No company owner will want this to happen. So, what is the solution to your problem? As the technology is advanced, there are many options that you can choose from when it comes to shelving options and file cabinets. Yes, you need to update your office furniture and the layout to get rid of the mess. 


Where to find the best furniture for your office?


It is not very hard to find a good furniture store near you as everyone has access to the internet and search engines these days. To make your job easier, we would recommend you to visitthe Ideal Office furniture website. They have been selling office furniture across Australia for the past ten years and have a huge range of options to choose from.


Only the price is affordable and the products are top-quality. They also offer an extended warranty and a 10% guarantee to beat any genuine price quote. You can also buy custom made furniture. They also provide various services including trial furniture for first-time users to make sure that you have purchased the right product.


Shelving options:


There are various shelving options to choose from when you want to arrange books, boxes, office supplies, and many more. 


Open shelving:


These take less space and keep your files more organized and easily accessible to staff. If you need to find files quickly, you just have to go towards the shelf and pick it up without consuming much time in finding the drawer of the cabinet. The vertical style open shelves consume 60% less space than the other shelving options. You can store whatever you need.


Mobile shelving:


These are very convenient as you can move them back and forth to your table and find your files comfortably. It occupies less space and can store everything from files to office supplies in less space. There is either a handle or a button to move the shelf. It reduces 66% of floor space when compared to other cabinets.


Lateral Cabinets:

These are similar to vertical cabinets and open cabinets but closed and take up more space. They can also hold more than twice the number of files than the other cabinets. The width of these cabinets can be broader which makes it hard to place.


Pedestal cabinets:


If your office is too small, you might want to consider having shelves under your table and seats to save space. It can be shelves or drawers; these are attached to your table and seats. The same pattern with wheels is called rolling cabinets.


The other options you might want to consider are bi-file shelving, pull-out shelves, rotary cabinets, card file storage, and many more.

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