Read This to Know How to Fix Air Locking in Sewer Line

In case, any air locks are developed in the plumbing system then it will render the pipes totally useless until you repair the problem. Air locks may occur almost anywhere, and if the entire waste water flows to the sewer line, then the problem can also be in sewer.

One of the first things that you must do is, try to find exactly where the airlock is. You should start from the sink, toilet and pump before directly going to the sewer line. Often you will find air lock in hot water line.

First, it will be best to totally rule out all possible locations before you open your sewer trap for clearing any air lock present in your sewer line. It will be nice to call few plumbers Sydney and take their help to decide exactly where air lock is taking place.

Following are few steps that you have to follow in order to locate the air lock problem in DIY way.

Step 1

As a first step, start with your sink and if your sink has got individual faucets for both hot/= and cold water, then attach a hosepipe in order to connect the 2 separate taps.

After that, open the hot water faucet of the sink, then followed by cold water faucet. In this way, cold water of your sink will try to force its way via the hot water pipe to clear the airlock.

However, if the sink has got only one faucet, which mixes both your hot/cold water, then place one piece of cloth absorbent over the spout of faucet.

Now run cold water to flow through pipe, which will pass through the supply line of hot water too and clear the problematic airlock. You must allow cold water to flow at least for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 2

Now for toilet, first empty your toilet bowl and by using a dry cloth wipe the toilet bowl. Then pour water into bowl and if water fails to flow down then move to drain line. If you find water going down in toilet drain then branch your drain. Blockage must be somewhere down the line. Check the pump for airlock.

Step 3

For clearing airlock in your pump, start by drilling small hole on discharge hose. Your hole must be angled upward.

This hole will function as relief hole. Then pour little water directly in the crock and check if the problem is over. If no, then try to work on your main sewer lines.

Step 4

Try to locate the cleanout trap of sewer line. Now place one bucket under the cleanout trap for collecting any waste matter which may come out.

Now open your trap with pipe wrench. Also, remove any obstructions present in your sewer line. Then close cleanout trap after clearing the obstruction.

Step 5

Now you should test your water supply of home. If you find that problematic air lock has cleared, then allow water to flow for few minutes for making sure that it has cleared completely. If the problem still persists, then consult with your plumber.

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