Tips on How to Support Your Child’s Brain Development

Brain has different areas that control various physiological activities like hearing, thinking etc., Each area has millions of neurons that communicate with each other through synopses. More links and neural pathways are formed when the messages are repeated. From the time of conception to the age of three, brain makes an impressive growth.

Most of the structural development of child’s brain occurs in the first few weeks of pregnancy and these pathways are not fully connected at birth. Baby’s brain can fine-tune itself according to the input that it receives from the environment and experiences of the child that helps intensify brain’s neural activity.

Visit for buying toys and other needed things to develop your child’s brain. TQEE, that stands for Tennesseans Quality Early Education, is a non-profit organization that helps provide a strong education foundation at early stages of child’s brain development.

It is important to know how you can influence developing your child’s brain by sharing activities, that can improve brain development, with your baby. Your child’s emotional and physical health and how she gets along with people, depends on how your baby’s brain develops. Let’s see some ways to improve your baby’s brain development.

  • Everyday experiences play a crucial role in shaping up your baby’s brain. Ensure that their atmosphere is healthy and there are ample opportunities to learn from.
  • Recognize and respond to them positively and caringly especially when they are hungry, tired or stressed. Give them a hug and cuddle to make them feel safe. Respond to them in a loving and caring way when they reach out to you.
  • Playing with your little one, reading and singing to them are fun ways that support healthy growing of a child. Play simple games and talk to your baby about what you are doing and about your daily routines. Show them interesting things and help them develop other senses like touch, hear, taste and smell.
  • You can introduce new words to your baby through songs. Singing helps your baby for language development and helps in reading ability later.
  • If you are breastfeeding your baby, then it is also time for building their brain too. Babies can focus on mother’s face during breastfeeding and making eye-contact, smiling and skin-contact gives positive experience for your baby. If you are bottle feeding then keep your baby around your chest to ensure focusing your face.
  • Interact with your baby and keep them active. Take them out for a walk. There are so many things your baby will learn when you go out for a walk. Boost their brain development by showing them trees, birds and other things and name them.
  • Ensure you give proper healthcare to your baby and keep your baby’s health on check with your doctor. Keep the vaccines up-to-date.
  • Playgroups and drop-ins are great way of developing community connections in your child. Check your local communities to choose the best child care programs available in your area. Ensure that your child will be safe there and enjoy a healthy environment for learning.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your family doctor in case you need any assistance to care for your baby.

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