Learn the Art of Designing Your Stadium Using Lights

A sports stadium is a place where lots of live action takes place. How is it possible to enjoy all the action without a great lighting? All the audience present there and also for the players themselves a good lighting is an absolute necessity. Not just that, the games will be video shot and have to be television broadcasted. 

All these things command a good quality stadium light that renders the sports stadium its due brilliance. However, it is not an easy task to light up the stadium correctly and properly without being equipped with the right kind of knowledge. In today’s article, we shall help you with some tips on the same. 

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Some information about lighting your sports stadium using LED lights

  • Choose LED lighting that is more uniform, not just bright. You may be under the impression that a bright light would suffice. However, there may be some drawbacks to lights that are very bright. The light needs to be clear and bright as well. 
  • The most common type of lighting is the four-corner lighting where there are four poles of height 35 meters to 60 meters, depending on the area of the stadium, on the four corners of it. 
  • If you use low cost lighting solutions and low-cost lamps, the maintenance may be quite difficult and pricey when compared to high cost lights. 
  • You can choose a multi pole layout of stadium lighting. This is better than the four-corner cloth lamp type lighting. In this type of lighting, the lights are arranged on the poles, but the poles are not in the corners, but along the sides. The lights are on both the sides of the layout in a continuous way. 
  • One other type of stadium lighting is the mixed layout. This lighting arrangement is literally the mixture of both the type of lighting styles where the lights are available on the sides as well as the four corners. 
  • There are some special lighting arrangements that are used in the multi layout and the mixed layout lighting arrangements like light band arrangements and multi rod lighting arrangements. 
  • Despite the fact that many stadiums are lit using the four corner stadium lights, some of the short comings of this type of lighting are that it produces heavier darker shadows and the lights are often uneven, making the video coverage often unsuited for a television broadcast. 

If you have any questions or any better suggestion that you might have seen from your own experience, please do write to us or tell us in the comments section. We hope this article will be helpful to many of you. 

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