What Type Of Face Masks Can Protect Against Coronavirus?

Coronavirus disease (COVID- 19) is an infectious disease that is caused by a new virus. It has originated from Wuhan, China. This new coronavirus is termed as “SARS-CoV-2” and the ailment caused due to it is termed as COVID-19. Face masks are one of the effective solutions to protect from this deadly disease.

You will find several different types of face masks in the market. Not all of them are capable of protecting against coronavirus. Read on to know more about facial masks that is effective against coronavirus.

What are the signs of COVID-19 infection?

Signs that show that you may have COVID-19 infection are:

  • A mild illness
  • Trouble in breathing,
  • Pneumonia, and also a respiratory failure

People who exhibit any of these health conditions need to seek the immediate assistance of the health care professional.

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Types of Face masks

Face masks are divided into two main categories:

  • The surgical mask, and
  • The N95 respirator

Surgical masks

Surgical masks are single-use and loose-fitting face masks that come in various designs to cover different areas of your face like nose, chin, and mouth. These masks safeguard the wearer from splashes, sprays, and large-sized droplets. These masks are effective against preventing the spread of infectious respiratory secretions.

By wearing this type of mask, you are protected against various factors that can cause you infection such as the air, surface, surgical site, and equipment.

Some surgical masks come with a visor that safeguards the eyes. It is not just worn by a healthy person to protect them from infected people, but also by infected people to prevent contaminating their surroundings and environment.

N95 respirators

An N95 respirator fits tightly to your face and offers enhanced protection to the wearer from splashes, large droplets, and sprays. This respirator can filter out the ninety-five percentage of tiny particles that include bacteria, and viruses.

The respirator is oval and circular in shape. It is designed to create a tight seal to the face of the wearer. Due to the elasticity of the band, elastic bands are held firmly to the face. A few types of respirators come with an attachment known as an “exhalation valve” that aids with breathing and the accumulation of humidity, and heat.

Homemade face masks

Due to the unavailability of the surgical, and respirators, people have to use homemade masks. These masks are made from different types of materials that include antimicrobial pillowcases and scarfs.

They offer a very low degree of protection compared to both the other types of masks. In situations where face masks are not available, homemade face masks can serve as a last resort.


Coronavirus is an infectious disease that transmits from one person to another via coughing or sneezing. With the right selection of the mask, you can effectively guard yourself and your loved ones from this dangerous disease.

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