Warning Signs to Call Professional Plumbers for Toilet Replacement

Home maintenance is on top of the priority list besides regular cleanliness. Keeping check of the home plumbing system is also a part, especially toilets. Toilet gone bad are a sensitive topic for everyone to discuss across the dining table. Unfortunately, at times you miss on tricks and tips regarding your troublesome toilet. The issue gets overlooked and ultimately ends up with a plumbing disaster.

An improper working or damaged toilet is frustrating and hard to decide the time to totally replace it. People in Western Sydney need to get familiar with when they need to call the professionals from All Plumbing Works. Below are some warning signs that indicate toilet replacement is required.

Constant clogging

A clogged toilet is common and irritating to handle. Random or recurring episodes of clogging point a problem that needs to be resolved. Old and low flush toilets often experience stoppages. If the clogs happen more than once in a week or seem odd and random it is time for toilet replacement.

Replace the low-flush toilet with a more efficient commode to save water. Fortunately, modern technology has managed to design netter low-flush toilets than before.


The toilet is in good condition but a puddle of water is visible around the toilet. Look for cracks around the bowl or toilet tank. If the crack is noticed in the porcelain or water is consistently running then it is time to replace before the situation worsens. An easy way to determine the whereabouts of cracks is to put die in bowl or tank to see if dyed water puddles on the floor.


Toilet can wobble because of loose screw issues. A plumber can tighten the screws after ensuring that everything is placed properly. Wobbling even indicates a bigger issue. The floor underneath the toilet can possibly be water damaged or rotting away. Give it a professional check!

Mineral deposits buildup

Minerals from hard water get collected in the syphon tube and inlet holes. This buildup does not allow the water to flow efficiently, which makes the toilet work inefficiently. Chipping the buildup can help to clear some deposits but soon the buildup can worsen. It indicates toilet replacement.

Surface damages

The Toilet surface with visible scratches does not look cosmetically good. It even makes it hard to clean the fixtures. In older toilets, this is a common issue because the surface has been scrubbed a lot over the years. You may need to clean the toilet more than necessary means replace it as soon as possible.

Inefficient flushing

High water bills mean you need to invest in a new toilet. Average toilet with each flush makes use of 3 to 5 gallons of water, while low flush toilet needs 2 gallons. A home with a large family can replace their old toilet with a water-efficient one to reduce both water usage and bill.

Now, you know when to call professional plumbers and get your toilet replaced. There can be a leak, cracks, and clogs, flushing issue, multiple repairs or an old fixture, just give All Plumbing a call!

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