Memphis’s Long-Standing Love Affair with Music – Get to Know How It All Began

The music legacy of Memphis is diverse and exciting. Music has been a huge part of this city ever since its inception. Memphis’s history is rich and includes characters and stories of blues, jack, soul, jug bands, country barn dance, classical music, rap, hip hop etc. A visit to Memphis is like a pilgrimage to music-lovers.

The city is scattered with music-related attractions. Even when you take a stroll along the iconic Beatle Street, you’ll get to watch many live performances. The pubs are bursting of blues, jazz, soul and rock-n-roll until dawn. What better place to attend concerts than at the city that is so much connected to the roots of music?

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Brief Memphis Music history:

Beale Street served as the hub of African American commerce. It was the place where young talent was nurtured and produced many musicians. ‘Blue Suede Shoes’, the first song that topped the pop, rhythm ’n’ blues and country charts came from Memphis. Around 100 years ago a fusion of styles gave rise to the Blues.

Though musicians Ferry Lewis, Memphis Minnie and Memphis Jug band musical group popularized guitar and kazoos and had a passionate local following, WC Handy was responsible for popularizing the blues globally. He is well-known as the Father of the Blues. His ‘Memphis Blue’ which was published in 1912 was a game changer.

Beale Street and music:

After the World War II, people started fleeing south owing to poverty. They made their way to Beale Street in seek of fortune.  The area gradually started getting crowded with blues clubs and bars with more music-aspirants making their appearance in pubs.

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Top music-related attractions in Memphis:

  • Sun Studio: This 1950’s recording studio was originally named Memphis Recording Service. The fist Rock and roll single, ‘Rocket 88’ was recorded here. Other Blues and R&B artists who recorded here include Junior Parker, Rufus Thomas, James Cotton, B.B King and Little Milton. The guided tour at Sun Studio takes about 45 minutes.
  • Graceland: This 18.3-acre mansion was once owned by the rock n roll king Elvis Presley. The tour of the mansion takes about 2.5 hours and features exhibits of Elvis’s planes, stage suits, cars, gold discs, guns and clothing.
  • Stax Museum of American Soul Music: This museum is the former location of Stax Records. It was the home to many famous singers including Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes, Sam & Dave, the Staple Singers and Johnnie Taylor.
  • Ardent Studios: Since the late 1950’s John Fry had an interest towards electronics and music. He used his dad’s garage for recording and tinkering wires. He along with his friends Fred Smith and John King published a radio business. 20% of Stax Label’s outputs were recorder here.

It comes as no-surprise that every American Music lover’s dream is to visit Memphis. Book guided tours to know more about the city’s music history.

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