Things to Be Aware of Before Finalizing the Fish Tank Size

If you are considering to set up an aquarium, one important consideration is the fish tank size. Undersized fish tanks come with a lot of problems. People follow one among these two approaches. Either they purchase a tank first and then research about which fishes to buy or decide on the fish breed and choose an appropriate fish tank size.

Should I purchase a fish tank or fishes first?

One of the top reasons people choose to have an aquarium is because they are inclined towards a particular breed in which case you should choose the tank size depending on the breed requirements. If you aren’t too particular about the breed, you can purchase the preferred fish tank and then proceed with the fish selection.

Reason to opt for bigger fish tanks:

Fishes thrive better in bigger space. They exhibit behavioral issues in small tanks. When there isn’t enough room to swim, fishes get stressed and develop a weak immune system. Maintaining the water temperature and chemistry is easier with larger tanks.  Avoid fish bowls and small tanks. A 30 gallon fish tank would be an ideal choice.

Many fish owners are opting for acrylic tanks because of its aesthetic appeal, sturdiness and light-weight. If you are overwhelmed by the choices of fish tank available, check out the reviews of aquarium equipment at The website received a huge thumbs-up from fish owners due to its reliability and genuineness.

Common problems with small aquariums:

  • Unstable water parameters: With less water there occurs fluctuation in water pH and temperature which harms fish.
  • Quick build-up of ammonia: Fishes produce ammonia constantly and the ammonia level spikes up sooner in a small tank even if the filter system is efficient. This makes it tough to maintain a healthy aquarium.
  • Less oxygen: Since there is limited water surface, there isn’t sufficient room for gas exchange between water and atmosphere thus resulting in less oxygen for fish.
  • Stunted fish growth: Some fishes like gold fish continue to grow until they like. In small tanks the growth of such fishes becomes stunted thus causing permanent damages to their health.

Issues that are overlooked by many fish owners when choosing fish tank size:

  • Mandatory minimum placement of school fish: There are some fishes like Rasboras, Tetra, Corydoras which fall under the category of school fish. The school species generally has to be placed together as a group of minimum 5 for them to thrive healthy and exhibit normal behaviors. If you want to purchase any of these fishes, do the math and choose an appropriate fish tank size.
  • Failing to take into account fish tank dimensions: Some fishes like angel fish have peculiar shape. They need taller tanks. Similarly, some fishes like to swim high in which case you require a tall tank.

The fish tank size should be above the bare minimum requirement. Do your homework online, read about the fish tank requirement for the fish species you are eyeing on and then purchase the fish tank.

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