Last-Minute Ideas of Exclusive Halloween Costumes

With a busy life, it has been impossible to look for a Halloween costume. Halloween is just around the corner and it is time to get started or you will be forced to pull a minimalist style like wearing a pumpkin Tee or paint your nail with Halloween-inspired art. has ideal easy Halloween costumes for people of all ages and gender. You can get dressed in a flash and celebrate Halloween the right way, even if you waited until the last moment.

Sports costumes

There are generic sports costumes available online for every kind of game. Even if you are not an athlete, you can at least gear up in a football or baseball jersey. Be a sports person you always dreamt to be in a sports costume.

Animal costumes

There are animal costume kits available in many different species ranging from simple creatures like cats and dogs to zoo animals like giraffe and tiger. Transform into one of these cute animals in a breeze. Without any concern, choose a favorite one!

M&M’s costumes

Nothing goes wrong in choosing a traditional M&M costume. It doesn’t matter if you are going solo or in a group, dressing as yellow, red, blue, and green M&M is a fun candy costume option. It includes headbands and simple T-shirts to stylish and cute Tees with matching suspenders. You will be all dressed in a jiffy!

Cat burglar 

A woman can enjoy the purrs….of a cat. Wear a white T-shirt with black stripes, a black beanie, and a face mask.

High stakes masks

Create a group costume using 4 high stake masks including club, diamond, spade, and heart design. Prepare for an ideal candy raid this Halloween with friends.


  • Transform into a net Bachelorette star wearing a sparkling dress along with a red rose’s bouquet. A glamorous look!
  • Get a Jug head hat, shearing collared denim-jacket, and replicate the looks of bad boys from ‘River dale’s’.
  • White tulle skirt and pink tank top to attain Carrie’s look from the movie ‘Sex and the City’.
  • Regina George looks from the ‘Mean Girls’ will make everyone laugh. Wear a purple bra under a white tank top with two holes around the breast.
  • If you have a long white dress, then just twist your hair into side buns to look like Princess Leia from ‘Star Wars’.


You can also check on a list of accessories that can add to your Halloween outdoor décor and outfit.

  • Durrr Burger inflatable
  • Loot Llama inflatable
  • Clinger grenade
  • Patty Whacker Pickaxe
  • Axeroni pickaxe
  • Impulse grenade
  • Llama bell with a drumstick
  • Port-A-Fort with flashing lights & explosive sounds
  • Delivery back bling
  • Tomato head latex mask
  • Rabbit Raider slippers
  • Zoey wig and more

In Halloween, everyone pretends to be someone else, which reveals a different side of them. What kind of easy Halloween costumes are you attracted towards? Flirtatious or Scary or Lazy!

Nevertheless, let’s be practical, Halloween celebration isn’t something you need to be worried about what others think, but live the moments!

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