Being an escort may sometimes may it difficult for you to love yourself and there are a lot of things that you need to put into consideration when it comes to the best ways you can live your life.  You need to know that people are always going to judge and critique you the moment they realize you are an escort. This is because being an escort is something controversial to many people and given the judgmental nature of humans, this is something that you will need to deal with.

  1. Set healthy boundaries

As an escort, you need to set boundaries of the things that you can do and the things that you can’t do and this needs you to be very wise. Setting healthy boundaries is a challenge to many considering how busy you are as an escort. First, you may need to identify these healthy boundaries then you can gradually implement them as time goes by and you will eventually see great results.

As much as you may be busy, your happiness should always be your priority and although you are used to pleasing other people do not forget to also please yourself. Always try to set aside some time where you can always do the things that you love apart from your escort job.

  1. Live in the present

Thinking of where you should be in your life and how your life ought to look is a common habit that human beings have. We sometimes worry so much of the future that we forget to appreciate the great things that are happening in our lives presently. As an escort, the most important thing is the way you are right now and you can always make a choice of how you want to be in the present.

The moment you start worrying about the future you will become so frustrated and you may end up being depressed. Stop focusing on how you wish your life could be rather, focus on the present and produce the best version of you right now. Life is a journey and you need to take a step at a time and eventually, you will reach where you want to be.

  1. Do not judge yourself

It is very easy to find an escort judging themselves even when they are in one of the best agencies such as Escort 92 where they treat their escorts how they deserve to be treated.  This may be as a result of the judgmental looks that people around you give you. This may make you have a judgmental filter in your eyes and you will begin questioning yourself how you landed there in the first place.

The moment you ignore what people around you are saying about you and you also remove the judgmental you may have in your mind and eyes, you will realize that your life is much better than you thought.  You can always try to meditate and this will greatly help you in reconnecting with yourself and reminding who you really are.

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