Easy to Follow Ideas to Glam Up Your Tote Bags

Tote bags have become quite popular after the usage of single-use plastic bags has been banned. Today, there are arrays of these bags available in varied designs, size and made of different material. It is indeed difficult to pick a suitable among the huge collection available in the market.

Many vendors prefer to promote their shop logo by providing tote bags to their customers. Tote bags are in demand, thus good quality designed ones are expensive. No one likes to carry a simple looking bag and to pay highly for designer tote bags is not possible every time.

Hence, the need arises to opt for a way to make ordinary looking tote bag to look trendy, attractive and appealing. To save on costs, you can design your tote bags yourself. All you need is to have few workable ideas and creativeness. If you are ready, here are few ideas that help in creating stylish tote bags.

The best DIY ideas

  • You can stick on colorful or theme stamps. Just buy the most appealing stamps and glue them and leave it to dry. Simple colorful geometrical pattern stamps also help to make a uniquely stylish bag. You can choose from online sites as there are ample such stamps available and they are really cheap.
  • Motifs designed by crocheting or tatting – Yes, your tote bag will be quite awesome to carry everywhere even in office or parties. You can get small motifs hand made from craft shops. You can even stitch tatted lace on the borders and handles of the bag, really a great feminine appeal matching well with your apparel.
  • Printed cloth material patches work wonders – You just need to cut the required shape in printed cloth and hem them on the bag. More commonly available are shape of flowers, animals and birds in the market or you can even customize the motifs.
  • Fully patchwork totes – They are more in fashion, as they are cost effective, can be washed and reliable to use often. Even your seamstress can make a bag for you from the waste cloth material available in her shop.
  • Theme oriented tote bags – They are the latest as you just need to match the material related to the theme and sew them together.

You can make your own tote bag by using reusable material. Today trendy bags are made using discarded clothes. Jeans, T shirt and cotton materials are widely used to make durable well shaped tote bags. To make it look fashionable, you can mismatch them with the other materials like a bag stitched by using jute cloth that can be bordered with attractive plain or printed cotton clothes. You can add sturdy rope handles to make it look awesome and it can be a trend setter.

You can have metallic print tote or custom wine bags from famous bag makers like customgrocery.com. You will can order bags here as per your requirement and they are available at affordable price.

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