The Most Effective Way To List Extracurricular Activities

What is the best way to write about the extracurricular activities in the college application? How many and which exactly are sure to impress the college committee? The article will try to answer these questions and provide you with the fool guide on how to make the most out of the extracurriculars!

Importance of Extracurricular Activities

It is not a secret that colleges are interested in the active, self-motivated students. Apart from the obvious commitment, the extracurricular activities show an applicant’s drive to expand their skills and passions. Sometimes it’s even more important than the students’ urge to perfectionism. You can even buy college essays online to learn the ways of professional writers as long as you don’t turn it into a habit.

If you have some free time, use this opportunity for extracurricular activities. They can bring certain benefits to your college image. This kind of investment in reputation is the main aspiration for the majority of students.

Naturally, the extracurricular activities section is extremely important. It’s a great opportunity to show an energy and vivacity you will contribute to the community. It’s worth to note that almost every activity counts as an extracurricular. Having a job or caring for the kids and family is included in the list.

Still, even the listing of activities itself isn’t the most relevant. What actually matters, is the acquired experience and knowledge. The committee needs to know what you’ve learned and how much time and energy you’ve dedicated. Student leadership skills are in requisition as well, they are essential for any student.

 How Many Should Be on The List?

It’s a very tough dilemma. Everyone has their own opinion on the recommended number of activities. However, the common number is 10.

But what if you don’t have this much? First of all, don’t freak out, it’s ok. Don’t make up activities, it’s the worst option. It’s always more useful to have only a few, but intense activities that demonstrate a full dedication to the subject. With the fewer options, there are more possibilities to show a significant development, both personal and social.

An ideal application combines about 3 significantly intense activities and up to the 5 of others. These others can be less time-consuming and be just exploratory options before the finding a real passion.

If the situation is vice versa, the principle remains the same. Choosing the most meaningful ones from the numerous variants is recommended. For some people, it’s hard to separate one kind of extracurricular activities from another. Well, here’s an example. If a person spent one day a month in the church, it’s hard to name as the significant involvement. Spending 14 hours every week in the hospital during a few years, indeed, is worth to mention.

As with the most things in life, it’s more about quality than quantity. Instead of the spreading your attention, focus on the very few aspects and make a real difference there.

What Is the Aim?

For the every activity, it’s better to stick to the certain set of questions. They help to portray its meaning in the best way possible. First of all, a name of the organization and a description of the activity should be stated clearly. Second, and more important, list any roles you had. Did you organize the meetings? Were you especially good at the communicating? Or were you a mastermind, who all the activity? The aim is to show the skills you’ve developed. Good luck!

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