2 Interesting Reasons For You To Visit Guwahati

Guwahati is the capital of Assam and the meeting point of culture, people, food, traditions, dance, music, literature, nature, and others to include. If you seek a new experience of holidaying head to the city.

Guwahati as a concrete city is not that great, but rather it has numerous charms, which merit discovering. As the city is encompassed broadly by verdant hills, which are a treat to the eyes, there are great opportunities for nature enthusiasts to go for short treks in these slopes and explore the rich and diverse birdlife and culture. Needless to say if you are a travel and adventure buff, you ought to visit Guwahati. The city will simply entice you with its unique charms and will leave you wanting for more. However, before you excited and book the next flight say, Bangalore to Guwahati flight, take a look at the following activities that you ought to do.

Boat Ride on River Brahmaputra

River Brahmaputra carries a distinct significance in the city as well as in its inhabitants. Not only it is seen with high reverence by the locals as a holy river but the river is also vital as there are different trades as well as a small niche of people that are solely dependent on River Brahmaputra. It flows through the whole length of Assam, but the stretch that touches Guwahati is the most highlighted one, thanks to the city’s business and political status and the celebrated Saraighat Bridge. Presently a few providers of ferry offer laid-back river cruises for the tourists.

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The Bharalu ghat and the Kachari ghat in the city are the principal places from where you can book a river cruise. The cruises are generally operated in afternoon and take you along the magnificent waters of the Brahmaputra. Envision yourself on one of these boats with some tea standing witness to the nightfall on the dark red western sky!

Enjoy dawn across Brahmaputra from the Fancy Bazaar

Another thing that has to be in a tourist’s itinerary is watching the mesmerizing sunrise across Brahmaputra from the Fancy Bazaar. You may be a gutsy explorer who has traversed the world and seen sunrise almost infinite times, however the one from over the Brahmaputra is certain to leave you stunned. This is on the grounds that, the interaction of delicate sunrays and the tender blue waters of the river, with a couple boats floating on the river, appears to be totally out of this world. Add to this, a stunning hush, broken just by the intermittent tweeting of the birds. In the event that you need a particular spot to watch the dawn, the places close Fancy Bazaar, which sits beautiful on one side of the river are simply perfect.

More or less, Guwahati is the portal to Northeast India and the center point of culture, food, tradition, festivals, events, and many more. It is the place to be if you wish to relish everything and anything related to Northeast India. Promptly start making plans regarding how to reach Guwahati, which spots to visit, where to stay, etc. As you get excited for the holiday.

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