A Live Music Platform Dedicated
to You, the Fan.

Coming Feb. 26th, 2016!

Why "Utor"?

In 2010 we started out as a brand simply to let people know the latest "moves" in D.C, Maryland, and Virginia. On our journey; our mission has transformed into something more meaningful than we could ever imagine.

Utor, Latin for experience, is a name we feel reflects our brands DNA. After attending countless concerts we've noticed how live music is a staple in so many peoples lives including our own but there was no dedicated platform for these once in a life time moments. Sports has ESPN, news has CNN; Why are millions of live music fans thrown out to such a scattered market with no destination? We decided to dedicate our lives to fixing this problem. Focusing on what we felt was most important, you, the fan

The Logo

Utor is a shared brand identity. It’s as unique as every one of us, and it will always be a little different whenever you experience it. Nothing can express our identity more profoundly than the stories and experiences of the fans who make up this community. We all come from vastly different cultures and places, and yet, for that short moment at a show, we come together as one, relating to that artist in our own special way.

We look forward to starting the next chapter with you. Expect more announcements each Friday as we gear up for the full launch of the new website and features!

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