About Us

For years, we were frustrated with searching countless venue websites and using outdated & inefficient concert services to look for shows. There were a lack of platforms that kept us aware of what was going on with our favorite artist on tour. As fans, we were tired of missing shows,and we wanted more…so we set out to make it better!

“Utor,” Latin for experience, is a dedicated live music platform. Created by fans, for fans. We believe there is simply no other experience in life comparable to a great concert. It’s not just about the 3 hours we spend at the venue. It’s the whole concert attending/artist experiencing journey; Buying a ticket, the drive with your friends, deciding what to wear, the road trip, listening to that artist on repeat, hoping they perform your favorite songs. These experiences are passing moments in time, never to be recreated in exactly the same way, and has driven us since day one.

Since 2011 we’ve focused on providing a community of fans, creators, and curators with the best user experience possible and centering our service around you. This is Utor, and its just the beginning. Welcome to your destination for live music.

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